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"Serving Hands Reflect Helping Hearts"

by Kim Fitzekam Szelag 2019

Alpenglow Glass

Welcome to Alpenglow Glass. Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services and products that we provide. This simple approach has effectively fueled our growth since we opened our doors in 2018. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.


About Alpenglow Glass

Since opening in 2018, we have been working toward becomig masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve our customers


Alpenglow Glass Services

Alpenglow Glass has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.


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Custom Glass work

Fused glass is our passion! We can recreate most of the items in our shop using different types of glass colors. We can't always create the same 'broken' parts of our hearts but can anyone really explain which parts of our heart have been broken? We are always looking for new ideas and love to create the perfect item you are thinking about.

Customer Service Call

We want all of our customers to experience an impressive level of professionalism when working with Alpenglowglass. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.